Data Backup Services

HHI Computer Guys can create a data backup plan for an individual or a whole business

Individuals and businesses need to have a data backup plan to prevent data loss or corruption of critical information. If your data is super critical then there are many options to consider. Let us guide you in the right direction and setup a great data backup plan tailored to your needs and your budget.

Backup Strategies

Tips to prevent data loss:

  • Backup data before any upgrades
  • Keep your system secure with up to date firewalls, and virus/malware protection
  • Make sure to power off laptops, PC's and external hard drives before moving them
  • Heat is a major factor in hard drive and computer system longevity make sure adequate ventilation is used to keep system and components at the proper operating temperature
  • Purchase a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) to protect against sudden power outages and irregular voltage spikes



Please note this service only works with hard drives that are functioning.


Other Services

 Data File Document Recovery: $85 - $250
  • Recover deleted files and documents
  • Hard drive or Memory Stick must be working
  • We remove hard drive, recover data and re-install the hard drive
  • We will recover files if at all possible
  • Two levels of Data Recovery methods can be used, one is relatively quick within 1hr, the other is more labor intensive which could take more than 4 hours. We have successfully recovered data on systems where a complete Windows system restore had inadvertantly been run.

What to do: If you realize you have deleted a file you need back Shut Down computer immediatelyto avoid any new information to be written to the data storage device. This lessons the possibility of the "now available" space to be overwritten.

Prevent data loss with a solid data backup plan! Don't have one? We can help!